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Nancy Beaudoin Dentistry offers a range of solutions that allow you to display a smile that reflects your personality

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    To trust our general dentist is to take advantage of unique assets.

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    A graduate of Dentistry in 1994, Dr. Nancy Beaudoin surrounded herself with a passionate and successful team to offer the best dental experience in Laval.

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    Dr. Nancy Beaudoin is constantly working to improve the offer of her clinic. Ambitious and a perfectionist, she closely monitors the development of today’s and tomorrow’s technologies in order to apply them to her practice and then allow her patients to benefit from innovative and infallible dental care.



    The Nancy Beaudoin Dentistry team makes your dream possible. By choosing us, you can now afford to treat yourself with a perfect smile by taking advantage of our flexible financing options.

    Did you know that you are entitled to TAX CREDITS for all your dental care and that of the people at your charge?


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