Digital Radiography in Laval

Dr. Beaudoin is one of the first dentists in the province of Quebec to use digital radiography. Before, we placed a phosphor plate in the mouth and the computer then produced an image in a few minutes. In recent years, technological innovations have provided instant images with superior clarity. Speed ​​and accuracy allow us to see much smaller lesions and therefore offer a much less invasive treatment. Preventive dentistry will always be our priority.


Benefits of digital radiography

first advantage

A 90% reduction in radiation exposure compared to traditional x-rays. Protects the environment by eliminating toxic solutions from traditional development process.

Second advantage

Reduce delays by sending x-rays by email to insurance companies, dentists and other health professionals.

Third advantage

The image processed by computer offers better level of contrasts and brightness and allows better control.

Digital radiography

Dentists use dental x-rays in order to get a better diagnosis of your oral health. They consist of a complement to the visual examination with the explorer and allow:

  • To detect caries between teeth;
  • To detect caries under amalgam;
  • To evaluate the degree of bone loss;
  • To detect infections at the end of the root of the teeth;
  • To have an overview of the dental structure.

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