Fixed or Removable Prosthesis in Laval

Is your upper and/or lower jaw almost edentulous? No doubt you suffer the consequences of edentulism or those related to wearing a poorly fitting dental prosthesis. We have the solution adapted to your needs and your lifestyle, one that will allow you to start smiling.
Thanks to our team of qualified dentists in implantology, we can design and install fixed dental prostheses as well as put on implants, aiming to replace all the teeth. This type of prosthesis has many advantages both functionally and aesthetically.


How is a Prosthesis Implanted?

Treatments requiring the placement of dental implants take several months to prepare. Here are the main steps:

Consultation and Installation

First, we must perform a complete examination of your teeth and jaws. This allows us to determine if your gums and the bones of your jaws are strong enough to receive one or more implants. During surgery, dental implants are inserted into the jawbone.

Healing Implants

Before proceeding with the installation of the prosthesis, implantation sites must be perfectly cured. When healing, the implants fit naturally into the jaw bone. This step takes a few months.

Design of the prosthesis and placement of the prosthesis

Thanks to measures previously taken, the final prosthesis is manufactured and the final prosthesis is put in place. Adjustments may be necessary.

Fixed or removable prosthesis

The advantages of prostheses on implants

Dr. Nancy Beaudoin manufactures dental prostheses on implants of an irreproachable quality and from A to Z, without any intermediary, here at the Laval clinic. The complete fixed prosthesis replaces all the teeth of the top or the bottom, can be put on the appropriate number of implants, which gives it a remarkable stability.

The increased stability of implants gives the patient full chewing ability. Moreover, as the prosthesis is well fixed, it is very comfortable to wear and remains firmly in place. The presence of dental implants also stimulates the jawbone, which may lose its volume over time.



The Nancy Beaudoin Dentistry team makes your dream possible. By choosing us, you can now afford to treat yourself with a perfect smile by taking advantage of our flexible financing options.

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Dr. Nancy Beaudoin

First dentist in North America to have completed the advanced implantology university course.

Dr. Nancy Beaudoin graduated from the University of Montreal in Dentistry in 1994. She is the first dentist in North America to have completed the advanced implantology university course. Each member of his team is ready to help you maintain a healthy mouth.


Why choose Nancy Beaudoin Dentistry?

The primary vocation of Nancy Beaudoin Dentistry is to provide our patients with a positive dental experience.


We render our care with professionalism and meticulousness. Our goal is to make your visit to our clinic a unique experience.


We give gentle and painless care so you can feel comfortable. In addition, our dedicated and welcoming staff always listens to your needs in order to help you choose the best treatment for you.


Our dental professional team offers you a cutting-edge expertise and a complete range of dental care at the same address.

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      — Mylène L.
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