Intraoral Camera in Laval

The intraoral camera is a little bigger than a pen and is used to take pictures of the inside of the mouth. With the camera’s magnification and lighting options, our dentists can detect cavities, cracks, broken restorations and many other dental health issues more easily.


Detection of deterioration (corrosion) and the presence of cracks

The deterioration (corrosion) of certain fillings (fillings) and the presence of cracks on the teeth or around the amalgams;

Detection of abrasion and decay

Abrasion or abnormal wear of teeth associated with bruxism (grinding of teeth) and decay at an early stage. Note that a tactile examination must confirm the diagnosis.

Detection of anomaly and defects or problems

Soft tissue abnormalities and defects or problems associated with crowns, bridges and implants that are located in areas that are difficult to access.

Intraoral Camera

In addition to facilitating diagnosis, the projection of camera images on our screens allows patients to see the same thing as the dentist. Thus, you can see your dental problems and understand the need for the proposed treatments.

Finally, images of the intraoral camera can be stored in the patient’s electronic dental record. We will be able to refer to them later or forward them to your insurance company if necessary, to approve one of your claims.

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