Laser in Laval

The lasers we use help dentists and hygienists to provide superior treatments. According to different settings, lasers offer us a variety of options.


How does the laser work?

The laser is an instrument producing a powerful and very precise light beam caused by the concentration of a large amount of energy. The ray acts as a scalpel on the pointed tissues. Laser radiation is an amplification of light obtained by a stimulated emission of radiation. It is activated by an external source of energy. This beam can be transported by an optical fiber and then directed on the tissues of the oral cavity.

The advantages of the laser

The laser does not penetrate the dental tissues, its extreme precision allows to reach the diseased part directly while respecting the healthy elements around the area to be treated. The laser does not require general anesthesia, which could cause inconvenience to the patient. Thanks to the antibacterial action of this type of intervention, there is generally a considerable reduction of inflammation and edema in the tissues.

The laser: an advanced technology

The laser consists of a high-precision instrument that does not reach neighboring tissues. This technique uses local anesthesia, thus improving the comfort of patients, children or anxious people. Laser oral care is a major step forward, especially for the treatment of periodontal disease, a leading cause of tooth loss.


In hygiene, laser will be used to eliminate bacteria resistant to other treatments. In surgery, it prevents bleeding and accelerate healing. Laser can also be used to treat cold sores: a patient experiencing the first tingling or first bubbles may chose to receive laser treatment. Laser restricts the lesion’s growth and attenuates the virus so that the following episodes are less intense and frequent. The episodes will stop after only a few treatments.

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