Velscope in Laval

Velscope is an immunofluorescence device that illuminates the cells inside your mouth to detect cancer of the mouth. Oral cancers are becoming more common and their prognosis is far from positive.


First Advantage

It detects lesions as well as white and red spots. It locates problems that can not be seen under a white light.

Second Advantage

It exposes precancerous and cancerous tissues. Approved by the FDA, it helps us ensure that abnormal soft tissues are completely removed.

Third Advantage

It helps to diagnose oral cancer in its early stages, exponentially increasing the chances of survival. It should be noted that exams are fast and painless.


Early detection will greatly improve your chances of survival and most importantly, greatly reduces the consequences of invasive treatments such as having you remove a piece or the whole of your oral structure (the tongue or the jawbone). Treatment of oral cancers can lead to serious side effects such as being unable to eat or speak. Celine Dion’s husband and brother that both suffered from throat cancer are eloquent examples. The Velscope is a screening tool, only the biopsy allows the doctors to give the diagnosis of cancer. However, if we do not see anything abnormal during the Velscope, we will not proceed with the biopsy. Dr. Beaudoin has had this device for over a year and offers free screening to new patients. It is recommended to do this screening annually.

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